Benefits of Factoring

Manage you cashflow With Factoring


1. Receive Cash 24hrs after picking up load

2. Manage your CashFlow upfront vs waiting 45./ 60 days to receive your cash.

3. Based of your credit – Receive FUEL CREDIT $ 4,000 / wk Through HWYFUEL CARD.

4. Fuel And Tire Savings up to 12k Dollars / YR.

5. No More Paperwork – All Back office paper work Done for you.

6. Internal Credit Check


8. IF your Credit Score is below 600 / Please say YES to our Factoring program to automatically receive hwyFuel card.

9. Non Recourse And Freight Broker Funding Available

Note: The above savings can vary day to day depending on fuel prices miles driven on a gallon of tank ! This is only example of potential savings.


Same Day Funding

Turn your invoices into cash immediately with our invoice factoring partner, Gulf Coast Business Credit, a division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co.

Grow Your Business

Never miss a new opportunity because of slow paying customers.

Competitive Pricing

Up to 20% discount on standard factoring rates for all Hwy Fuel Card clients. Enter promo code below to receive this discount.*

*You must reference promo code hwyfuel when completing the quote form below to receive this hwyfuel factoring discount.