Benefits of Factoring

Manage you cashflow With Factoring


1. Receive Cash 24hrs after picking up load

2. Manage your CashFlow upfront vs waiting 45./ 60 days to receive your cash.

3. Regadless of your credit – Receive FUEL CREDIT $ 4,000 / wk Through HWYFUEL CARD.

4. Fuel And Tire Savings over 12k Dollars / YR.

5. No More Paperwork – All Back office paper work Done for you.

6. Internal Credit Check


8. IF your Credit Score is below 600 / Please say YES to our Factoring program to automatically receive hwyFuel card.

9. Non Recourse And Freight Broker Funding Available


Same Day Funding

Turn your invoices into cash immediately with our invoice factoring partner, Gulf Coast Business Credit, a division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co.

Grow Your Business

Never miss a new opportunity because of slow paying customers.

Competitive Pricing

Up to 20% discount on standard factoring rates for all Hwy Fuel Card clients. Enter promo code below to receive this discount.*

*You must reference promo code hwyfuel when completing the quote form below to receive this hwyfuel factoring discount.