Built for Small Fleets

HWY FUEL Card, is a new fuel card, built for Small Fleets and Owner Operators. For Owner Operators, fuel is their #1 expense, for fleets it’s 2nd only to driver compensation. HWY FUEL Card wants to maximize your discounts by collectively combining gallons and offering savings to you, the Independent Driver and Small Carrier. That’s why HWY FUEL Card was created, to be your partner and help you keep more cash in your pocket. Our Fuel Partnerships, with a Nationwide Network of Fuel Stops empowers you:

The prices quoted will fluctuate Daily & Should be considered as a Guideline.

Fuel Rebates or Discounts throughout the year providing Annual Savings

1. Fuel advances up to $4000 per truck per week (based on credit score)
2. Send Electronic Funds for Cash and Fuel Advances, ETS or ACH
3. National Discount Tire Program with up to 65% savings
4. We offer Factoring

The above savings can vary day to day depending on fuel prices miles driven on a gallon of tank ! This is only example of potential savings.